Little Christmas Pud Bites

Energy balls are a fabulous snack option as they are full of wholesome raw ingredients, however it's hard to come by ones which aren't full of sugar (albeit natural). My tummy doesn't cope well with dried fruit and sadly most of the balls on the market have this as their base. But hey ho, it means I get to experiment in the kitchen and make my own! Why not try out these festive delights - the perfect snack option with a cup of tea and Christmas movie. 


* ¾ cup walnuts

* ¾ cup almonds

* 1 cup jumbo oats

* 2 tablespoons coconut flakes

* 1 tablespoon maca powder (optional)

* ¼ cup coconut oil

* ½ cup nut butter (my fave is almond)

* 4 tablespoons cinnamon

* 2 tablespoon ginger

* 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg

* ½ teaspoon cloves

* ½ cup maple syrup

* Pinch of salt

* Decoration – Goji berries, pumpkin seeds

Cashew cream topping: 

* 1 cup cashews soaked (3-4 hours)

* ¼ almond milk

* 2 tablespoons coconut oil

* 2 teaspoon vanilla extract

* 1 teaspoon maple syrup (optional)

* Pinch of sea salt


* Firstly place the cashews (for the cream) in a bowl of water and allow to soak for a few hours or better yet overnight.

* To make the balls, place the walnuts, almonds and oats in a food processor and pulse until combined.

* Next add the remainder of the ingredients in the blender and blend until sticky, you may need to adjust the spice to get the right balance.

* Once you have found the best balance of flavours - roll the balls up into equal size pieces and place in the fridge. It should make about 16 balls.

* To make the cashew cream - rinse off the cashews and place all of the ingredients for the cream in a blender. Blend all of the ingredients until smooth and creamy. Please note this could take a while and you will need to scrape down the sides of the blender on several occasions to make sure it is all mixed through.

* Remove the balls from the fridge and decorate with the cashew cream, goji berries and pumpkin seeds.

* Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

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