"I have been training with Katie for 2 months now, and I had no idea how much could change in that short space of time. But with a strict diet plan and healthy living tips I have managed to lose over 2 and a half stone! I can’t believe how much of a change it has had on my life! Katie is fantastic as she is always there to help and guide you - and happy to give advice from the other end of the phone. I have always been a gym-goer, but her schedule has helped me to lose more weight then I’ve ever lost. I will continue to train with Katie as she is both a true professional and great fun to train with!" Max, Restaurant Manager

"Just had my 6th session with Katie for the 6th week on the trot. In that time I have gone down 3 belt sizes, learnt exercises I never knew were possible and had great time training in the outdoors! Katie is great fun, very supportive and friendly but also completely no nonsense! Which is a fantastic mix of qualities for a PT. Could not recommend her more highly!" Nick, Business Analyst

"Katie perfectly combines professionalism with friendliness as a Personal Trainer. This means that the workouts are hard (and you feel it the next day!) but the hour flies by and is genuinely good fun. I've been working out for a few years now, so my fitness levels are fairly high already, but within 2 weeks of following Katie's nutrition and workout guidance I feel my body changing more than I've seen it change in a long time!" Isabelle, Bride-to-be

"Katie has taught me the importance of mixing up my exercise regime and pushing myself to achieve my goals. I have been having a PT session with her once a week, not to lose weight but to tone up and know what I should be doing when I exercise. After my sessions with Katie my muscles are aching (in a good way!). She has helped me to push myself outside of my comfort zone and include interval training into my weekly regime - and I feel so much better for it! I would definitely recommend Katie to anyone wanting to tone up and feel good - she pushes you hard!" Sophie, Personal Stylist

"I’ve been attending Katie’s bootcamps each week as a fun way to improve my fitness. The workouts are tough, but afterwards I feel great! Katie is a really good trainer and a great motivator! She’s really attentive and you can tell she is genuinely interested in helping everyone reach their fitness goals. Each session is different each week so there’s lots of variety which makes the class both interesting and enjoyable - I even find myself looking forward to coming back each week! I have seen myself improve under her guidance and would recommend Katie’s classes to anyone!" Katie, Account Manager

"I arrived at Katie's bootcamp session on Sunday morning with a lot of anticipation. For someone who doesn't frequent the gym as much as your average Londoner, I was wondering how I'd cope but I was soon put at ease by Katie's reassuring nature, allowing me to do things at my own level but always pushing me to challenge myself! The way she narrated each exercise made it very clear what I was doing and she explained the reason I was doing it, which really motivated me. We did a variety of activities working the whole body for circuits, followed by some fun and competitive drills which got the blood pumping! I would thoroughly recommend her sessions, whether you are fit or struggle to make time for fitness like me! It's amazing how much she can pack into an hour!" Marina, Teacher